Friday, November 17, 2017

What is not to do, when you are planning for SEO

The only thing in SEO you should take care about is a user. If a landed user is happy with your efforts, then you are going to win the battle with the clear margin. But, what if no one comes to your website to read, for that reason we make our website ready for search engines. There are some basic rules you should take care, post best engaging content, well-researched content, best on page SEO, with great link profile, and a great amount of related inbound links.
But there is another list, which you should not do while doing SEO for your website.
There are some Don'ts of SEO read all of these key points and not do in your blogging life.
Do not put links on Farm links
There are some pages, on which every neighbor's kids go and put links, these are some spam pages. Google knows what exactly happening, and about all the websites which got links from those pages, get a penalty or at least do not get link juice from those links. So, should not go such pages, and put links pointing your website.
Backlink profile is the most important factor, which ranks a website. You should pen down each backlinks detail and monitor all of them on daily basis. Frame links also lower your website speed. Here is the GTmetrix tool to find out your webpage speed.

Stuffing of Keywords:
Best and last thing which you should necessary check if you are using any SEO plugin, the SEO score of your every page. And remove the factors which are marking red signals for your post. But, if you are seeing that keywords are too low in that SEO score, do not worry about this factor.
Because in Plugins, when you put the same keyword phrase 6, 7 times, it will be great from them, and consider it the best signal for your SEO. But in genuine, when you put same keyword phrase 6, 7 times, you post will be considered spam or at least this will not be user engaging post.
The user will come to know that you are just emphasizing on putting the same keyword phrase again and again. So, it becomes irritating, and it will be inviting the anger of search engines.
Irrelevant backlinks:
Every newbie who does not know the ABC of SEO tries to create the bulk amount of backlinks on irrelevant content sites.
Or put guest posts on irrelevant websites, which is a very bad practice, you should not do this, if you want to do well for your website in Google ranking.
Relevant and do follow backlink is the key point, you should necessarily work for that, but avoid toxic and harmful backlinks.
Content is king
At the end, that is your website which is going to engage with your customers, if you have not optimized your website for SEO properly, and have not done one-page SEO, you are not going to win the battle.
At least you should check every post, in your SEO plugin or can use Free SEO tools where are the loopholes on your website, and should remove that loopholes or weakness.

So, hope you would get the point when you are working online, you got hidden competitors, and you do not see the faces, but contents and websites. So, be ready to fight with those hidden figures, hope you will conquer.

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