Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hyaline Quartz Stone Meaning and Uses | Crystal Quartz

It is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it.
Hyaline Quartz, Ice Quartz, Rock Crystal or Quartz Crystal

General Appearance
Transparent glass, without any coloring, looks like petrified ice. Pebbles can be completely transparent, or have impurities like fissures or tiny spots of earth color. Soft touch, very cold, and watery. Rather light, and very hard. In natural state appear in conglomerates in the form of prisms and rods.

Easy to get.
All over the world.
Zodiac sign
Its hardness has made it used for years to create mechanisms and gears, especially in watches, thus replacing the ruby. It is considered a moonstone, and any element could be attributed to it. But for a long time Native American shamans attributed power to water. This is due, apart from its appearance, to that it is very adaptable and "accustomed" to all kinds of energy, because it has a very elastic vibration. This makes it a "friendly" stone for everyone, and one that is easy to use. In addition, it has "memory", so it tends to remember the vibrations that have passed through it, making its adaptability more rapid. Hyaline quartz is polyvalent, multifaceted in all senses. It has so many properties and utilities that it would be impossible to list them all without going over an extension, so we will focus on the most striking. Therefore, we must first of all that this is a "wild" stone; we can use it for any kind of healing, ritual or spell. Quartz is the gem of transparency; it is not limited by colors, so inevitably it is attributed to the "invisible" and the spiritual (the more transparent, the more connection with the astral world). It is a visionary stone, which is often used as a pendulum or as a crystal ball to visualize the future. It is also very useful in pendulum to clean other gems or to find chakras and energetic knots. The ball can also be used for regressions, or as a "window" to other worlds or visions of others. It is a very psychic stone, which stimulates concentration, memory and retention, so it's perfect to study or to keep special memories. Its versatility allows it to form a team with almost any gem when it comes to healing or performing rites. But above all, it is amazing to team up with smoked quartz when it comes to cleaning and concentrating energies. It is always recommended to clean hyaline quartz before any rite.

Heals virtually any ailment. It is especially useful in children and young people of growing age. It is recommended to use it in conjunction with other healing gems more temperamental or with which we do not have as much practice.

Where necessary Useful as tips of magic wands, pendulums or magic spheres. Bringing a tip hanging from the neck promotes health and positive events.

Very used in the Wiccan altars during festivals related to the Moon, representing the Goddess. Place in the circles or use the tips at the cardinal points to call the Universal Energy.

Cleaning and Recharging
Anyone, but those related to water and moonlight are usually the best. It is recommended to make figures (squares, cardinal points, circles, triangles ...) combining them with smoked quartz to cleanse each other.

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