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Can You Generate Web Traffic Without SEO?

It is every website owner’s dream to have a loyal set of visitors in million numbers. Every owner’s dream is that their loyalist visitors should wait for their next post. And they follow various methods to achieve their dream of a billion followers. There are two types of website owners. The first one pertains to the group, where writing and sharing of information is their passion. They are more interested in making the world a better place with their knowledge and information. The words flow from their keyboard and they do not indulge in SEO and digital marketing. But they will have a regular list of followers.

The second type is a passionate individual who wants to make his/her website popular at any cost but by legal means. No, we will not focus on black hat SEO in this article. He/she follows white hat SEO techniques to the hilt, shares on social media platforms and does every job to make the website popular. Once the website attains a good DA and PA, he/she will sell the website to a prospective buyer. Please note that the website is the first representative of your online presence in the internet. In fact, it is the best impression a potential customer can get about the business.

Now, shall we get down to business? In every type of organizations, as per the recent times, you find a SEO expert. Agreed, apart from the content writer and digital marketing expert, you also have an SEO expert. But is it really possible to enrich the website and content without SEO? You bet. There are methods.

Everyone website/blog owner knows that SEO is one of the important ways for generating traffic to their online presence platforms. In this article, you will find ways and tips to enhance the traffic without having to rely on SEO.

Why Do You Need Organic Traffic?

Everywhere, you see in the business sector, you find the Facebook promoted ads, Google Adwords. You also become prey and follow the same route. Okay, you can definitely get the traffic, but you have to start slowly.

But it is not the case with organic traffic. The content you put in your website or blog and on other websites will drive traffic for the entire lifetime. The main reason for Returns On Investment (ROI).

Organic traffic can be received in even evil methods. Or shall we say Black Hat SEO? Agreed, your website can create traffic, but if you are blacklisted on Google, then it is a long way down the lane.


Let us imagine, for a month, you get a million visitors for your website. Can you tell the same for the next month? Out of the million, how many are your loyal visitors and subscribers? You have to calculate and then plan the strategy. Always remember, any sort of strategy or a hike in numbers should lead to returns. Or else, the hike in visitors will be just metrics.

1. Social Media

True, social media is the buzz out there, but when a survey was conducted it said that digital platforms contributed to a mere six percent of the survey. The major important players were 40 percent search oriented and 30 percent CPC ads indicating value. So do you need a presence in social media? Yes. You need them. But it depends on your industry and the target audience. With the right strategy, social media can generate traffic with low cost.

Do you know BuzzFeed? The main reasons for its popularity is because of its social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Please note the social traffic of this website is five times more than the search traffic. And they have put an able strategy in place. Many of their audience are the millennials. So the social  media platforms of BuzzFeed post only share-worthy content. In social media, you cannot just barge in and make a conversation. You first have to get acquainted with the members of your community. Then make recognizable contributions.

Also try the Infographics method. Outline the benefits of your product or service via an image. It is found that infographics are the most shared posts on social media.  

2. Online Advertising

The recent trend to reach the highest number of persons is through Facebook Ads. You can reach the targeted sections of the public, and make more conversions.

Do you want to have regular information regarding the PPC ads of your competitors? Then use a tool. For the free option, use the Moat. For more information about the channels, where they place the ads, then try for WhatRunsWhere. If you have multiple products in your website, then look for the perfect audience by making use of the Facebook Ads Manager.

In the case of online advertisements, you should not opt for big spending at the first instant. You can start slow, and get the perfect guidance from experts. Work on various media platforms. Make notes on each platform. Every week, conduct a sprint meeting. For example, the method for working on one platform will be different from another.

Do you want to meet decision-makers for your online business (B2B)? Then the best platform will be Linkedin. It has been estimated that many Linkedin members have the ability to influence the decisions made by the Company. For the B2C business, you got it right. Go for Instagram.
3. Guest Blogging

If you are good in writing, you can make use of this option to generate traffic to this website. Are you interested? Then do two things. The first work you have to do is to find websites suitable to your niche and accept their guest blog posts. Or you can write the articles and then send them to the suitable websites. So how will you search for these kinds of websites?

Make use of the keywords given below

  • Guest Post
  • Contributing Writer
  • Contribute to our site
  • This is a guest post by
  • Contributor guidelines
  • Suggest a post
  • Write for us
  • Writers Wanted
  • Want to be more specific and save time? Here we go.

Use the following searches

  • Name of your business sector (industry) + write for us
  • Names of your industry (niche) + sites which accept guest posts
There are other variations you can try such as write guest article plus name of the niche, guest blog by and name of writer. Of course, you can join in Facebook Groups such as Guest Blogging etc. There is also another method by which you can search for websites accepting guest posts. But please note, you have to post the article yourself.
In addition, take online classes on how to write perfect content. Make use of website such as BuzzSumo to search popular topics. The next part is to use the same Buzzsumo to locate the site you want to post the article. View the website, take a note on their popular articles and follow the same style of writing content.
4. Guest Comments
It is not that you have to write article, you can also drop in comments. But kindly note, if you write articles, the link you get is do-follow. And in case of guest comments, usually it will be no-follow. But yes, a no-follow link is much greater than nothing. And nowadays, websites have become cautious. If you just go to a high ranking website and put a comment as awesome, then your name and a URL link of your blog, be sure. The link will disappear in some time. But the comment “awesome” will remain.
Also, there are rules to follow. You should never put a negative comment in a competitor’s website. If an article is found good in a competitors website, acknowledge it. And promote a healthy online discussion. To grow, the others surrounding you should also come  up in life. To comment, find the websites suitable to your industry. And the most important rule - do not put hyperlinks on anchor text within comment.
Do not put good comments with fake ids. The website owner will definitely remove them.

5. Questions & Answers Websites

There may be umpteen times, you have typed  a question in Google and the answer came in Quora or relevant websites. In numerous instances, you have made use of all these websites, but now use them for your own benefit. Answering questions on these websites is organic traffic. You do not have to focus on any SEO strategy.
But before making an entry, know as to how these sites work, how to frame the questions, how to write answers that can appeal the readers.


Do you often hear the comments,” Building organic traffic is very easy?” Then the statement is wrong. Building organic traffic is hard work, more time and effort. Let us imagine, you are a top rated refrigerator repair mechanic in Hyderabad. You have worked in the Gulf for more than twenty years and have come to your native city. Now, you have a assembled a team of top quality repair technicians and want to provide doorstep repair services. You have put a website, and an app. By making use of the app, an individual can get the services of the best technician for refrigerator repair in Hyderabad. The customer can book the service at his own convenience. Your technician will go on the scheduled time and repair the appliance at a affordable price. The business is going well, and you want to start a separate section in the website for articles. Being a good writer, you write about the common problems about fridge repair. And you are not interested in SEO? You searched the internet and landed on this sight. After reading the article, you can optimize your website without the help of SEO.
Now, do you have the peace of mind regarding the organic traffic to your website? If you gain valuable information, and do the proper maintenance, then the business will become successful. You do not have to worry about the algorithms of Google.

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