Scientists have developed Genetically Modified sweet corn, which is able to produce a poison that destroys harmful insects. This implies that farmers will not need to fight insects with insecticides. The GM corn is called Bt-corn because the insect-killing gene in the plant comes from the bacteria; Bacillus thuringiensis.

Since the farmer does not need to use insecticide to kill insects, the surrounding environment is no longer exposed to large amounts of harmful insecticides. Today, corn is the third most cultivated grain in the world, after wheat and rice.

Attributes of sweet corn

Sweet corn contains 76% water substantially more than other drier varieties of corn. This is because it is harvested before it is ripe;hence it contains a higher percentage of water as well as sugars, which gives it its pleasant tenderness and flavor

The following are sweet corn’s main nutrients:

Proteins: Sweet corn contains about 3.2% protein by weight,but on drying, these may reach up to 10%.The most abounding protein in a kernel of corn is known as zein. Although it contains all essential amino acids, 2 are deficient; lysine and tryptophan.
Corn protein,although easily digestable,is deficient to satisfy the amino acid needs of the body by itself, especially during periods of growth and development. Nonetheless, the compounding of corn with legumes provides a complete protein.

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