Why should you smile? Smiling is one of the special aspects of a human being. It is the best way to show your great mood as well as to share the happy feelings to others. Smiling is also a symbol to express your love, friendship, and care that will be recognized by others as something that comes from your heart. In addition, a gesture shows your self-confidence.

Some people say that smiling is transmittable or contagious because no one wants to live in cranky community or world; they prefer to spare their time to those people who always wear a smile on their face and have a great laugh. In this article, you will be able to find out why you should smile and why it is important in our lives.

Why people should smile? There are several reasons why people need to smile. There is a saying that smiling makes you live longer because it is the way to be more positive in any aspect of life that will lead us to a healthier and a happier living. We can attain more health benefits in smiling, too. Most of the doctors said laughter is the best medicine.

Smile reduces stress and makes you relaxed. So have a smile to improve your lifespan and that is a priceless gift that you can give to everyone. Giving the sweetest smile to someone will ease his or her problems and loneliness. Most of the songs make us smile and it is the best therapy for depressions.

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